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Advertise Your Christian or Family Friendly Book or Event



Promote your book or event on this website for one, two or three months

One month anywhere on this page - $50/$75 Top ad placement (first come first served) 

Two months - $75/$100 - Top ad placement (first come, first served)

Three months - $125/$150 - Top ad top ad placement (first come, first served)

We do not provide graphic designer services. You must provide camera ready, proofread jpg of your flyer or book cover.


Length of Advertisement

Submission guidelines:

You may submit your book or event for consideration to be featured on this site and in the APCCA quarterly periodical.  The following will not be considered for  this website or in any APCCA literature:


1) Textbooks or other educational material

2) Books or events that contain Erotica or other sexually explicit literature or images

3) Profanity/offensive language

4) Books or events that advocate, promote or endorse age, gender or racial discrimination

5) Books or events that encourage crimes or any other civil disobedience against the U.S. Government

6) Any other materials or events that may be determined by the APCLA evaluation staff 

Acceptable book genres:

Christian Fiction, how-to, cook books, memoirs, poetry, business, devotional, relationship, humor, children's books, dating, marriage, recovery.

You may submit a camera ready PDF or jpeg/jpg of your event flyer or book cover,  ISBN, your website, email address daytime phone number and contact person.